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Stinger Freedom Laser Kit - Basic LED Fiber (UK Spec)

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Stinger Freedom Laser Kit - Basic LED Fiber (UK Spec)

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    Stinger Freedom Laser - LED UK FIBER version Kit.

    This kit is designed for UK Spec. It is based on the basic Freedom Laser package with LED and switch. Laser shield is provided by 2 square style laser sensors (receivers) + 1 discrete powerful laser fiber sensor (transmit).  

    This kit gives you a more secure laser shield due to addional sensor recievers and a more powerful transmitter. 

    This system is very discrete. It will give you a FULL laser shield and provide immediate indication of a laser 'lock-on' via LED and audible beep. At the same time, the laser shield will diffuse (also known as a 'jammer') a pre-set signal to remind you not speed as well as preventing accidental pentaly points on your driving licence. 

    Kit includes:

    1 x LFL-Center-20  (Main Control Module)

    2 x LRS-14 (Laser Receiver Square)

    1 x LTF-20 (Laser Transmitter Fiber) 

    All interconnecting cables are included 

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