Stinger VIP GPS with Laser Shield - ENHANCED Kit (UK spec)

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Stinger VIP GPS with Laser Shield (UK spec)

The Stinger VIP has a coloured touchscreen control panel which will advise speed traps and laser targets.

This UK spec kit will give you GPS location database for full camera protection. It will include AN ENHANCED Laser Shield (sometimes known as a jammer/diffuser) to allow for peace of mind and a clean driving license. No more accidental penalty points on your driving record.

An Enhanced Laser Shield is achieved via 2 independent trasmitters and recievers. The result is double the protection by avoiding any errors due to the camera operator randomly pointing their gun at any part of your vehicle's front end. 

Kit Contains:

1 x CC-12 (Computer Center)

1 x VD-20 (VIP Display Screen)

2 x LRS-20 (Laser Receiver Square)

2 x LTS-20 (Laser Transmitter Square)


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