Stinger Freedom Laser Kit - Basic STRIP Fiber (UK spec)

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Stinger Freedom Laser - STRIP Fiber (UK version kit)

This kit is designed for UK spec. It is based on the basic Freedom Laser package with an illuminated menu strip. 

The LED strip will give you coloured LED alerts and menu options with voice alerts for a cosmetically pleasing and easy to use operation. 

Laser shield is provided by 2 square style laser sensors (receivers) + 1 discrete powerful laser fiber sensor (transmit).  

This kit gives you a more secure laser shield due to addional sensor recievers and a more powerful transmitter. 

This system is very discrete. It will give you a FULL laser shield and provide immediate indication of a laser 'lock-on' via a LED illuminated STRIP with audible alerts. 

At the same time, the laser shield will diffuse (also known as a 'jammer') a pre-set signal to remind you not speed as well as preventing accidental pentaly points on your driving licence. 

Kit includes:

1 x LFL-Center-20 (Main Control Module)

2 x LRS-14 (Laser Receiver Square)

1 x LTF-20 (Laser Transmitter Fiber) 

1 x LFL-STRIP-20 (LED menu button STRIP)

1 x SPK-01 (speaker) 

All interconnecting cables are included 

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