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The mObridge DAB+ G2 MOST25 product is the most advanced in-vehicle DAB platform available on the market today, supporting Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Land Rover, & Audi vehicles.

Utilising the latest DAB/DAB+ technology, the mObridge DAB+ MOST25 features everything a user would expect in a complete DAB solution, with full category and channel browsing, track information, and multiple preset storage.

Blackfin DSP

The DAB+ solution leverages a powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP), which allows the digital audio from the DAB chip to be correctly processed for synchronisation onto the MOST fiber-optic network of the vehicle. Without the use of a DSP, all other solutions are using basic “analogue to digital” converters, which we at mObridge feel defeats the purpose of having digital radio available. The added complexities of handling MOST digital audio, coupled with mObridge’s expertise in DSP processing have allowed us to have superior control over the routing and control of the audio stream from the DAB chip to the MOST network.

Active Antenna Feed

In addition to this, a dedicated 12V antenna feed that uses a step-up regulated power supply has been included, so as not to rely on the vehicle’s (often noisy) 12V battery levels. In doing so, the cleanest possible signal is achieved, for the best possible DAB reception.

Seamless Integration

The DAB+ interfaces seamlessly with the controls of the vehicle. This means that unlike other integration options, there is no need for mounting of any additional controls inside the vehicle. The vehicle will look and feel stock, with the addition of DAB/DAB+ functionality.

mObridge DAB Basic User Interface

The DAB+ utilizes the mObridge DAB desktop application for DAB configuration, and firmware updates.

The mObridge DAB+ MOST is also known as M1000-M-DAB+

  • Full integration into the vehicles radio.
  • Operates through all of the existing phone controls in the vehicle.
  • Adds Ensemble and Channel Control with track info capability
  • Adds channel preset capability
  • USB port for easy software updates
  • 12V regulated antenna feed
  • Digital Signal Processing for MOST fiber optic audio synchronisation

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