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mObridge DSP is a complete Digital Signal Processor (DSP) graphical user interface for advanced in-vehicle audio tuning. It can be used to harness the full DSP capabilities of your mObridge device, and update easily thanks to automated online updates.

Powerful Graphical Interface The DA3 unleashes the full power of the DA series of MOST processors. Now with a powerful UI the user can get to the full 1024 points of the channel and master equalizers for full tuning.

The mObridge DA3 interprets many of the factory radio commands eliminating the need for an external volume control knob.
Its DSP processor will decipher and control volume, treble, mid-bass, bass, subwoofer, and balance functions of the factory radio.

With the addition of the power UI interface the full power of the DA series is now available to users. With full parametric adjustment of the individual channels as well as the master eq, 20ms time alignment, cross over linking and much more, the user now has the ability to achieve award winning results with the DA3 interface.

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