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  1. BMW Tow Bar Wires Pin 10 & 11
    £69.00 £57.50

    If you have a BMW factory tow bar system and would like to modify the factory loom to add the additional charging facility for your fridge, this is the part you require. 

    The BMW towbar socket has no PINS occupying PIN 10 & PIN 11. This loom will add the additional pins into the factory socket so it can be wired to allow for the additional charging facility whilst keeping the factory system. 

    Price is for pair of wires (red & black)

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  2. Nissan 4 Pin Rear Camera Adapter Lead
    £72.00 £60.00

    If you are replacing your original NISSAN radio with a 3rd party after market camera this adapter will allow you to retain the factory camera. Important: please check plug & pins to confirm correct fitment.

    Compatible with Nissan models:

    Life (vehicle equipped with special package for navigation) H22 / 12-2010 
    2011 model 
    HS511D-W MP311D-A MP311D-W MP111-A 
    2012 model 
    HM512D-A HM512D-W MC312D-A MC312D-W 
    MM112-A MM112-W MM312D-A MM312D-W

    Product content

    Rear camera harness (back camera cable)

    Coupler shape

    4 pin (4P)

    Video terminal

    RCA male


    Red: +12 V back signal Black: ground

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  3. Elgrand Adapter with NO steering wheel controls |NON BOSE
    £249.00 £207.50

    Nissan Elgrand E51 / E52 adapter (No Stalk /steering wheel integration for NON-BOSE systems).

    This adapter will allow you to replace the stock radio with an after market system.

    This kit comes with an aerial adapter.

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  4. HKEnabler for MINI Gen2
    £199.00 £165.83

    This HKenabler will allow the operation of the MINI 2nd generation MINI factory amplifier when you replace the factory radio with a 3rd party aftermarket radio.

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  5. Elgrand Bose Adapter with NO steering wheel controls
    £275.00 £229.17

    Nissan Elgrand E51 / E52 BOSE adapter (No Stalk /steering wheel integration)

    This adapter will allow you to replace the stock radio with an after market system. This adapter will work on cars with BOSE ONLY, you will see the BOSE logo on the speaker grilles and radio.

    This kit comes with an aerial adapter.

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  6. Elgrand Theatre Radio Adapter Kit E51 E52
    £395.00 £329.17

    If you have a Nissan Elgrand E51/52 with the Theatre Speaker System (that is, you have a centre TOP dashboard speaker grille with NO LOGO) this is the adapter needed to allow installation of a new radio.

    **Option: Read details below 

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  7. Mini Double Din Panel
    £38.40 £32.00

    If your converting your Mini Gen1 to double din radio you will need this trim panel to tidy up the dashboard modification.

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  8. LandRover Freelander 2 Retrofit Sat Nav system
    Special Price £394.80 £329.00 was £438.00

    Retrofit Sat Nav system for LandRover , Freelander 2: Sits in the empty space at top of dashboard. The kit is based on a Full European Garmin Sat Nav system, supplied assembled with correct fitting kit for your car. You need to install unit + hardwire 12v to the system, the system comes with a seperate speaker to mount under grille on dashboard or locate behind any panel that you choose. Seemless & tidy look!

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  9. Landrover L322 Double Din Radio Panel Kit
    £89.00 £74.17

    This panel is to help you install a double din radio into a Landrover L322, you will get a back panel support and front panel trim cover. The car will require some modifications behind the radio (remove some ABS plastic). Note this is only as per picture, Panel & Housing Bracket.

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  10. BMW E60/E61/E63/E64 Electric Seat replacement loom
    £143.40 £119.50

    When you wish to retrofit electric seats to your BMW 5 series, this is the lead you will need to re-wire the seats correctly.

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  11. Beat Sonic NSA-WL000 E51 Nissan Elgrand Series 1 Panel
    £244.00 £203.33

    Double (2) DIN fascia panel to install a 2-DIN head unit into Nissan E51 Elgrand series 1 – May 2002 to Aug 2004. Nissan genuine E51 series 1 fascia panel.

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  12. Fakra GPS VAG
    £29.74 £24.78

    VAG Fakra connector GPS aerial

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  13. Most Connector + Power
    £33.73 £28.11

    MOST fibre optic connector + power

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