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Beat-Sonic FDA9N-KH3 Functional Shark Fin Antenna - Super Black - Nissan

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Add a touch of sportiness with a Beat-Sonic Functional Shark Fin Antenna.

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    Shark Fin antenna designed and manufactured as a replacement roof antenna. Matches car's roof's curves of to ensure fitment. (Flat surface to little angel is ok. For vehicles with a very curvy roof, please email us for the correct model) Lower profile and sportier compared to the other antenna models. Tested to provide the car with better driving stability at higher speeds. Pre-painted and colour matched to select Nissan and Infiniti models for an exact match in colour using high quality OEM paint. For other colours not listed, we recommend paint matching the unpainted model at a local body shop. Directly replace rear roof antenna. Helical coil antenna to directly connect to antenna base using M screw. 3M Die-cut double-sided tape used to easily secure shark fin antenna. Installation requires no modification and easily reversible. Compatible for AM/FM Radio, HD Radio and Satellite Radio signals (From OEM). Patented design. Made in Japan

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